Routine Examinations

You're pet's health and happiness is important to you and to us. Our experienced staff will be  happy to look at your pets during routine examinations.

It’s Important to Keep a Routine With Your Pet’s Health

Routine Examinations FayettevilleAlthough doctor check-ups are important, many people tend to skip them when they know that they feel well. However, a dog or cat cannot tell you how they feel, and his/her healthy appearance can be deceiving. This is where regular veterinary check-ups come in. When you seek to begin your furry family member’s healthcare at its foundation, look no further than Fayette Veterinary Medical Center for top quality routine examinations in Fayetteville, GA.

Contrary to popular opinion, one “human year” is not equivalent to seven “dog years”: Both puppies and kittens age at a rapid pace during their very first year of life, reaching an age equivalent to 15 in human years. After that, the aging process begins to slow down, although by the age of 6 a small-breed dog and most cats are middle-aged, and a large-breed dog may even be geriatric. Thus, it is critical to bring your beloved pet in for routine examinations on a regular basis.


What Our Routine Examinations are Like

At our full-service veterinary clinic, we are committed to ensuring that dogs and cats of any breed receive monitoring at every stage of life. This allows not only an immediate response if a problem is detected but it also preserves pet parent peace of mind if everything is in order. A typical routine examination includes the following:

  • Visual inspection – Overall body condition, weight, coat, skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, equilibrium, and alertness.
  • Manual inspection – Pulse, lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen area.
  • Auscultation, i.e., using a stethoscope – Function of the heart and lungs.
  • Additional testing (if deemed necessary) – Stool and urine samples, blood samples, and more.

Routine examinations for kittens and puppies should be performed every 3 to 4 weeks not only for initial vaccinations but also to monitor their weight gain and overall development. The recommended appointment frequency for adult pets is usually once per year, while that of older pets is once every 6 months.


Feel Confident With Your Pet’s Health

Routine Examination FayettevilleOur experienced veterinarians proudly offer meticulous exams on a personalized basis, per your pet’s age, lifestyle and current health condition. Furthermore, we are committed to providing you with complete information on your pet’s health status and required treatment, if any.

To learn more about what to expect during your pet’s routine examinations at our Fayetteville veterinary hospital, we welcome you to call us at (770) 460-0090 or email us today. The experts at Fayette Veterinary Medical Center look forward to guiding your furry family member through a long and healthy life.

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